With over 15 years in the PR and international fashion industry, we can help you to take your product to the next level, expand your business and realize your brand potential through our coaching and mentoring service. We provide specialized consultancy services to independent designers and major fashion labels alike to deliver bespoke solutions and strategies that are designed to build efficiency, innovation, reduce costs, manage risks while achieving desired growth.
The Brand Program is a collaborative, guided approach to developing your brand story. We use market knowledge and your business ambitions to produce authentic and individual creative solutions true to your brand. Our goal is to help you to find your unique voice, articulate your product differentiation and build your brand equity in the competitive landscape.
We deliver the best craftsmanship, design and service. From private label to full production we work with exceptional manufactures and suppliers in Asia and Indonesia. We can provide both small batch and large scale manufacturing services for independent designers and established brands alike.
For emerging and established labels, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with high-level support and bespoke international sales strategy. We partner with elite international showrooms and distribution companies to ensure your brand has a global presence.